5 benefits of creating your own online TV

Owning your own TV channel is no longer a dream but reality of modern technologies. Moreover, now it takes less than half an hour to make a schedule and start streaming. Let’s see how you can benefit and why it is worth trying.

So, there is some video content you would like to share with audience, be it news stories, how-tos, company insights or short video ads. Or even personal travel diaries, family events or holidays. Ever thought of sharing them to friends, colleagues or even wider audience? Then online TV is a very convenient communication channel.

One of Polyvizor’s advantages is that you can stream right from your mobile, not losing a second and keeping the high quality of video while being on air. What’s even better is the feature to combine live streams with pre-recorded programs by making a schedule, just like a real TV does.

What are the main opportunities given by online TV? We’ll try to outline them below.

1. Become your own channel’s director

You can define which content to show (and when). Tell audience about your hobbies, business or areas of interest. Start a channel on any topic, combine or record videos, stream live or pre-filmed shows and even re-stream your favourite channels.

As an example, imagine a music channel where one can show comments, reviews, music videos and live concerts or schedule streaming some favourite channels within a single program schedule. Just like on real TV!

Another idea is a family channel. It allows parents to upload films and cartoons for a baby making sure that he/she will only see the ones you prefer and at the desired time.

Or, you can cover a variety of topics and direct a local, personal, community channel or whatever you prefer.

2. Build your own community

Gather people who are interested in the same range of topics around your online TV channel.

For example, if you’re a blogger, activist or journalist who can tell something and show some interesting videos, online TV becomes a great tool for this.

Stream or record your videos, post links and widgets on thematic websites and in social media and attract people to the community around your channel. Add discussion topics and allow comments from your videos, invite experts for interviews or even do it remotely.

3. Earn money

Oh, really? It’s that simple. Since infobusiness is growing rapidly, why should you be an exclusion?

If you have paid content (trainings, courses, masterclasses etc) you can make private streams and channels with restricted access. Notify your subscribers about the planned event (e. g. live concert or conference) and send password-protected access links after payment (just don’t forget about the copyright restrictions since you will need an owner’s permission to sell content).

You can offer your own paid content, for example, if you’re a teacher, expert or mentor in some area and willing to share your knowledge at some price. Paid online TV is a way to go to reach the niche audience.

Also, another way to monetize popular content is simply showing or selling ads and earning on impressions.

4. Promote your business

If you’re an enterpreneur or just thinking about it, your own TV will certainly help growing your business.

You don’t need to promote your products or services openly. Just open a channel dedicated to your business industry and show the corresponding content. Your product use cases, guidelines etc can also be added to the mix.

Only your fantasy is the limit, so measure the numbered outcome and stream new interesting content for your audience.

5. Create a corporate TV channel

Polyvizor is a tool which allows not only using webcams or mobile but also working with professional studio equipment. Corporate TV provides companies the opportunity not only to increase brand awareness and loyalty but also grow team spirit and corporate culture among its workers.

You can stream company news along with industry-related and thematic programs, live stream the production or communication with customers, show product presentations or get customers and partners on air.

As you can see, online TV channel is a convenient tool for telling people about your business, hobbies or expertise. And, it’s really that simple: just download the program, add videos, set the schedule and start streaming on your channel!